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Yacht Support

At Ascension Yachting we undertake the repair and maintenance of your vessel and its systems, so that you can navigate the seas comfortably and safely.

Prevention is better than cure so we advise our clients to regularly schedule maintenance works.

Once a year the vessel should be lifted from the water so that necessary dry dock maintenance can be done, new antifouling is applied to the hull and parts are replaced.

The professional team at Ascension are available to advise you on all technical matters that regard winter maintenance, preparation of the vessel’s launching, and engine-room maintenance.

Skipper climbs up on the pole of a sail boat. View from deck up to sky.


  • Inspection
  • Tuning
  • Replacement, standing or running
  • Splicing
  • Electric installation
  • Cleaning and polishing


  • Lifting and launching
  • Engine service or replacement, electrical and electronic installations
  • Interior and exterior cleaning, polish and general maintenance
  • Teak treatment and repairs
  • Paint, Gel coat and fiberglass repairs and maintenance
  • Stainless steel custom installation and repairs
  • Bespoke sails and canvas work, storage and repairs
  • Custom sealing and joining repairs.
Yacht Service in the Yacht Marine
yacht painter with spray gun


  • Propulsion maintenance repairs and installation
  • Anti fouling and epoxy coating
  • Ball valves and skin fittings installation


  • Winter and summer preparations
  • Routine checks with photos and videos
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Ready to slip custom service
Midsection of a yachtsman checking sail before competition